We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

It’s a busy time of year but we wanted to make sure we thanked you for your continued support.

To the shows who have booked us, the audiences who have cheered us on, the charities that motivate us and of course, our young riders who inspire us every day (they are our kids, after all).

In 2019 we raised a phenomenal £8000 for charity. Our two causes chosen by the kids were Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association and The Children’s Bubbles Fund at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth.

PDSA are in the process of fundraising to renovate their new centre, where they will provide specialist support and education services to young people with Down Syndrome, which they otherwise would not have access to in the community.

The Children’s Bubbles Fund raise cash to make the paediatric unit at the QA Hospital a more comfortable and inviting place for patients. This could range from specialist medical equipment to redecoration or toys and games.

2019 also saw two of our dads complete an epic motorcycle ride to the Morocco and back in aid of Simon Says Child Bereavement Support, a team of Tigers smashing the Great South Run in aid of PDSA and Simon Says, a fundraiser for Oliver’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma and a day of school displays in aid of Wave 105’s Cash for Kids.

In the current season of giving, this part of Tigers life seems the most fitting to celebrate. We love being able to support children’s charities each year and pride ourselves on our sense of community, something the children are fully involved with. In January, the children will vote on our 2020 causes. For our 40th year, we hope to raise more than ever and we couldn’t do that without YOU. So thank you for keeping us roaring!

We wish you all a peaceful, joyous Christmas.

How We Roll

So how DO we roll? Many will know us already but some readers will be full of questions about the team. We are quite used to flabbergasted faces after a show when helmets come off and the age of our riders really hits home. How on earth do we have a 6 year old jumping through fire, or an 11 year old soaring over a car? To be fair, these are very good questions.

Any parent will know that feeling when the apple of their eye takes up an ‘exciting’ new hobby, and protective instinct kicks in! And here is where this club excels. Set up to offer children the opportunity to learn to ride a motorcycle safely, that is exactly what’s been happening since 1980. All those years experience have been passed through the ‘generations’, yet simultaneously evolved with current practice to provide a stable and proven training framework. A bit like the Colonel and his chicken, Tigers benefits from a solid, time-served recipe. Add a sprinkle of patience, leave out the pressure (it’s bad for your health) and we see children flourish. When the kids arrive at training each Sunday, they take their place in an extended family where support is always on hand.

And it’s astonishing, because the only pre-requisite to join us is that a child can ride a push bike without stabilisers. Some may have more riding experience, but our juniors in particular often come in as total blank canvases when it comes to the sport. But boy are they quick learners! Already this season, our rookies are trying out tricks and jumping. And week by week, the foundations of confidence and trust are being laid.

Training is every Sunday, all day, all winter – it takes dedication from everyone to get through these months. Cold fingers and toes, biting winds on the south coast, long days for little people.

But these tiny juniors with their enthusiasm and smiles, will often become the 11 year old jumping a car. Or two cars. Last season, our eldest riders were flying over three or more at a time.

So if we can return to the food analogy for just a minute more, the proof is in the pudding. And the pudding is our confident, polished displays around the country throughout the summer. These kids work their socks off because they care about the club, and have every confidence in their trainers and the team around them. And they deserve all the credit for Tigers’ success, because without their determination and fearlessness all we would have is this lovely new website but nothing to write home about.

A new era… or is it?

Wow! Welcome to our wonderful new website, built for us by the fantastic Rob Francis. Rob recognised the work we do as a non-profit and wanted to help us out. We are immensely grateful to local business for supporting us in this way. Simply put, it means more cash for our chosen charities (more on that subject soon) – everyone’s a winner!

2020 is our 40th year in the business. This landmark achievement is brought to you by four decades of children and parents, giving up their time and money to make the club a renowned name. We (the current parents) are merely here to act as guardians for the club. We know that this responsibility isn’t only to our children, but to those of the next 40 years and hopefully beyond. The club has given so much to so many over the decades, we can’t wait to look back through history and share it with you as we go… So it’s fair to say we look back, but we also look forward. And in celebration of such an impressive record, it felt right to update the website and work hard on our social media – we are really proud of the changes.

And so yes, in some ways we are entering a new era. But we also hold the club’s heritage in high esteem and will keep bringing the crowds what they expect from us – exhilarating displays packed full of fun for all the family. We will keep letting our riders pick and vote on the season’s charitable causes, and work as hard as ever to raise as much as we can for them. If it ain’t broke, and all that…

So for now, grab yourself a cuppa and take a look around the website. Meet the awesome 2020 team, ask us a question, even book us for your event. Pop your details into the contact form and we’ll get right back to you. And then whatever you do stay with us, because in 2020 the Tigers’ roar is going to be louder than ever before.