Mini Fundraisers

It’s been a tough year, even more so for our charities. Our donations come from bookings, and this year we didn’t perform. But there’s no time for dwelling on it, and the kids have decided to take matters in to their own hands!

Last night, some of our Tigers staged a Sleep In! Trying to work around social distancing and the very young ages of our riders limited our options, but to sleep somewhere other than their bed meant all ages could get involved.

From car boots to vans, floors to sofas and even a cardboard house – the kids threw themselves into it and donations have thus far been extremely generous. We know times are hard for everyone right now, so we have been overwhelmed to double our target!

Over £500 raised and you can still donate here:

We are very proud of these little guys and girls, and we hope this fund for Allegra’s Ambition and Step By Step grows and grows over the season.

Times Like These

We find ourselves in extremely challenging times. Times we cannot control, have no experience of, and struggle to predict.

As a club, we held off announcing show bookings once the uncertainty of the Coronavirus outbreak set in. We hoped, both parents and riders, that the predictions weren’t accurate. But now we find ourselves watching the plans we made crumble, just as we know you are too.

We are incredibly sad that our 40th year is not going to be as expected. And we know that times may get tough for us, as a voluntary organisation. But right now, all that matters is our health. All of our health.

So while we accept the fear and sadness that is inevitable, we want to spend the foreseeable future keeping spirits up and bringing some light relief in difficult times. Our social media channels will reflect this, and our team will (remotely!) be looking at 2021 as the new 2020, and our new 40th.

We wish all our supporters the best, that you stay well and in touch with those people and things that you love. And, if we all work together – the party on the other side will be the biggest any of us have ever known.

With that party in mind, our 2021 diary is now officially open – we want to bring you ALL some of the unique joy that this team has been spreading for four decades. Together we are better!


As is Tigers tradition, our riders choose the charities we will support for the forthcoming season.

Stage 1 of ‘Mission Charity Partners’ sees us ask the team and their families for causes close to their hearts. The only set criteria is they MUST be children’s charities.

Stage 2 is where the kids come in, taking a final vote on the proposed contenders. Democracy in action! We feel strongly that this process gives the children a real sense of ownership and purpose about the season ahead.

We have a lot of young riders this year but they impressed us no end with their very definite views on where to place their votes. We drew some pictures and they quite literally voted with their feet, standing by the picture corresponding to their vote.

And so we can announce, with great excitement, that the 2020 squad has selected to support End Youth Homelessness and Allegra’s Ambition. These two charities are quite distinct, but have in common that they support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

We can’t wait to tell you more about them and their fantastic work over the coming months, and will be working hard to raise them as much money as we possibly can.

A new era… or is it?

Wow! Welcome to our wonderful new website, built for us by the fantastic Rob Francis. Rob recognised the work we do as a non-profit and wanted to help us out. We are immensely grateful to local business for supporting us in this way. Simply put, it means more cash for our chosen charities (more on that subject soon) – everyone’s a winner!

2020 is our 40th year in the business. This landmark achievement is brought to you by four decades of children and parents, giving up their time and money to make the club a renowned name. We (the current parents) are merely here to act as guardians for the club. We know that this responsibility isn’t only to our children, but to those of the next 40 years and hopefully beyond. The club has given so much to so many over the decades, we can’t wait to look back through history and share it with you as we go… So it’s fair to say we look back, but we also look forward. And in celebration of such an impressive record, it felt right to update the website and work hard on our social media – we are really proud of the changes.

And so yes, in some ways we are entering a new era. But we also hold the club’s heritage in high esteem and will keep bringing the crowds what they expect from us – exhilarating displays packed full of fun for all the family. We will keep letting our riders pick and vote on the season’s charitable causes, and work as hard as ever to raise as much as we can for them. If it ain’t broke, and all that…

So for now, grab yourself a cuppa and take a look around the website. Meet the awesome 2020 team, ask us a question, even book us for your event. Pop your details into the contact form and we’ll get right back to you. And then whatever you do stay with us, because in 2020 the Tigers’ roar is going to be louder than ever before.