Times Like These

We find ourselves in extremely challenging times. Times we cannot control, have no experience of, and struggle to predict.

As a club, we held off announcing show bookings once the uncertainty of the Coronavirus outbreak set in. We hoped, both parents and riders, that the predictions weren’t accurate. But now we find ourselves watching the plans we made crumble, just as we know you are too.

We are incredibly sad that our 40th year is not going to be as expected. And we know that times may get tough for us, as a voluntary organisation. But right now, all that matters is our health. All of our health.

So while we accept the fear and sadness that is inevitable, we want to spend the foreseeable future keeping spirits up and bringing some light relief in difficult times. Our social media channels will reflect this, and our team will (remotely!) be looking at 2021 as the new 2020, and our new 40th.

We wish all our supporters the best, that you stay well and in touch with those people and things that you love. And, if we all work together – the party on the other side will be the biggest any of us have ever known.

With that party in mind, our 2021 diary is now officially open – we want to bring you ALL some of the unique joy that this team has been spreading for four decades. Together we are better!