Mini Fundraisers

It’s been a tough year, even more so for our charities. Our donations come from bookings, and this year we didn’t perform. But there’s no time for dwelling on it, and the kids have decided to take matters in to their own hands!

Last night, some of our Tigers staged a Sleep In! Trying to work around social distancing and the very young ages of our riders limited our options, but to sleep somewhere other than their bed meant all ages could get involved.

From car boots to vans, floors to sofas and even a cardboard house – the kids threw themselves into it and donations have thus far been extremely generous. We know times are hard for everyone right now, so we have been overwhelmed to double our target!

Over £500 raised and you can still donate here:

We are very proud of these little guys and girls, and we hope this fund for Allegra’s Ambition and Step By Step grows and grows over the season.