Support us?

Tigers is a voluntary, community organisation. The club funds it’s basic running costs and expenditure is kept at the bare minimum so that we can maximise our charitable giving. Parents fund their child’s membership, training kit, bikes and fuel, along with all travel to shows. On top of this they give up a HUGE amount of time. We really do rely on this generosity to keep giving to great causes each year. Profit from show bookings forms the majority of our giving, although we often take on other individual fundraising challenges throughout the year.

This has been the Tigers format for a long time now, but we are aware that there are companies or individuals who might like to get involved and show their support, either short or long term.

We are an established organisation, but one thing we maybe haven’t been too good at is publicising ourselves more widely; how we work, and just how much voluntary effort goes in to keeping the show on the road. We ARE getting better at this, and in the last year have grown our social media presence massively. But in a very British way, we don’t really like to show off. However in our 40th season, it feels like if ever there were a time to celebrate the club’s achievements, it is now.

Each year as children join and leave, the team changes. Each year we have parents with different skillsets. Each year we have the opportunity to strengthen the club for future generations. This team belongs to all those over our 40 year history who have helped it grow and maintain the reputation we have today.

So if you have a service or product that you think might help us, we would love to chat. Or if you think we can help you in some way, give us a bell, we love hearing from you.